Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rene Folsom

Eyes Of The Soul
Rene Folsom

Jonah has never experienced a woman more stunning than the beauty that haunted his dreams. Although his dreams had every feeling of reality, he woke up every morning with the stark realization that those Amethyst eyes were only a figment of his imagination. Yet he still couldn't seem to get her stare out of his mind.

Making his way through life, Jonah's love of art became his outlet. His talents proved to be the only way to recreate his dreams. Her beauty was his constant. Even though he didn't know her name, he was determined that one day he would find her.

~My Review~

For six years, Jonah has had dreams of Ella. This time we get to experience what Jonah is dreaming and feeling. His soul seeing abilities are taking him into a world of agonizing and beautiful dreams of this woman he so desperately wants. In his dreams Ella becomes more vivid. To where he can finally draw her on paper and get the full image of her. His dreams also become more life-like. He can smell her and gets so close to being able to touch her.

Jonah goes through his days working on his art as a way of trying to get her off of his mind. It doesn't work very well.
I think if too much more is said, it really will lead to spoilers.
This is a book you must read.
Will Jonah and Ella ever find one another?
This is the burning question......

The emotions of Jonah are felt by the reader. I felt them so much that I was feeling Jonah's pain, his needs and his desires for Ella.
Rene's writing style never ceases to amaze me. I love when an author grabs your attention and keeps you there. I didn't float in and out of this story.
I was literally stuck with Jonah every step of the way and loved every second of it!

Guess what I get to do now? With lots and lots of pleasure?
Yes! Start "Truths Of The Soul!"
Book #3 in the Soul Seers Series.

To be continued......;) 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Laying Low In Paradise
Kristy K. James


Laura Keane and her son have been spending summers at their chalet on Bois Blanc Island since her husband was killed in the war. She never let anyone else in after the chaplain delivered the sad news four years ago, so it’s just the two of them, and she wouldn’t change that for the world.

Cameron Rafferty and his friends were keeping secrets. Dangerous secrets, and they’d hoped the little island paradise would be a safe place to hide out. The plan to keep a low profile quickly unravels when an accident changes everything. Cameron soon finds himself becoming more involved with the Keane family than he’d intended -and wishing for things he shouldn’t.

~My Review~

Laura lost her husband Jake in the war.  Laura's son Sam is her beautiful piece of Jake that she has left.  The relationship of mother and son is protective, loving and honest.
Sam is a 12 year old boy with an old soul.  He is one of the smartest young boy ever.

Every summer the family would vacation at the Chalet on Bois Blanc Island.  Little does Laura and Sam know, this summer will be the most unexpected summer ever.

Laura will meet Cameron Rafferty.  Laura has no idea as to why Cameron is there other than vacationing.  As they get to know one another feelings develop.  Even though  Cameron is not supposed to be interacting with any one on the island.  Cameron is so drawn to Laura and likes Sam, he just can stay away.
Cameron has big problems with his present situation.  One being his son Brendan.  This will come to light and Sam plays a huge role in it.

Eventually Cameron knows he will have to reveal his dangerous secret to Laura. His biggest is fear is that he will lose her.  Will Laura be able to handle Cameron's secret?

I ABSOLUTELY loved this book!
I fell in love with every well written character and each ones charm.
I finished the book in a day and would of finished in hours if I wasn't so busy with my family.
Kristy had me swooning over Cameron's words to Laura.  I have to say, Cameron stole my heart as well.  I will be adding him to my book boyfriend list. LOL!
This is a must read!
I give this book

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Please go and check out our new group.  Shannon L. Dearing has created this and I am helping her run the group - The Indie Connection - Thank you and please share with any Authors and Bloggers you feel might be interested.


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