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Friday, January 25, 2013

**New Review**

Ghost Diaries, Case #1
Sarah Beth Hawkins
Willow Cross
  While rifling through her deceased father’s belongings, a young woman named Taija Ford discovered a maze of files filled with journal entries and old letters that mention various claims of hauntings and alleged demonic possession. The oldest dating back to 1881. This particular file asserts a girl named Sarah Beth Hawkins was attacked by an unseen entity.

In an attempt to piece together her father’s previously secret life, Taija opened her own investigation into these Ghost Diaries. This is Case #1-Sarah Beth Hawkins.

The Ghost Diaries is an episodic series of short stories.
~My Review~
Taija Ford goes through her fathers belongings after his death.  She finds journals and letters from back in the 1800's.
This story is about Sarah Beth Hawkins.  While Sarah and her dad are in town they encounter a strange man.  This man pushes her father to trade a small, silver box for some food.   Her father gives in and the silver box now belongs to Sarah.
Once they arrive home, Sarah puts the box by her bed.  Soon after she starts to experience headaches and strange dreams.  Some kind of entity is taking Sarah over.  Her mother can feel the evil in her house and it is beyond frightening what it does to Sarah.
These journal entries tell us what Sarah went through and how her mother and father watched it happen on a daily basis.
This book is a great adult, paranormal read.
I had never read a Willow Cross book before.  I was pleasantly surprised, especially with it being such a short read.   
This is the first case.  Willow will bring more cases to these short stories.  So read on book lovers.
I give this book 4 NarlyNut Stars  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

*New Review*

Mark of the Witch
Jessica Gibson


After the events of Mark of the Witch, Jilly at last begins to breathe easier though her powers are still growing. But can she harness them in time to confront a new chain of events that threatens to change everything? Caroline has finally accepted her life as a witch, but when a stranger comes into her life she's forced to question her family loyalty. The sisters are thrown together to protect a young girl from the enemy determined to hunt her down. Can they save her -- and themselves?  

~My Review~

First of all Jillian's sister Caroline has a bigger role in this book, which I loved.  We learn more about her and she takes a wild ride, right along side her sister.
Caroline must take a trip to New York to end her marriage with Jack.  She wants it done and over with.  Little does she know while she is out with some girlfriends, Sabine, (one of the villains in the last book) is also out amongst Caroline's friends.  Caroline panics and calls William and Jilly.  They catch the soonest flight to New York worried about what Sabine might do with Caroline.
In the meantime Katya, Nikolai's girlfriend is missing and they all believe Sabine has her.  They all decide to trap Sabine and use Caroline to get them into Sabine's home.
It works and Sabine confronts Caroline after her meet up with Jack.  Sabine takes Caroline back to her home where she plans on imprisoning them. There she discovers Katya.  Soon after Jilly, William and Nikolai bust in and rescue the women.  They find pictures of Jack and Caroline, Katya and a young girlThey don't know who the young girl is, but they soon find out.
Jilly has the power to teleport and that night she teleports to London where she finds the girl.  Her name is Hannah and they exchange very little words.  Jilly awakens and tells William they have to get to London to find Hannah.
They find Hannah and bring her home with them.  She has been alone for six months, the shadow wraiths killed her parents and had been after Hannah ever since.
They get back to the states to discover Caroline is acting shady and soon find out that she is involved with William's brother Patrick.  You will want to read book one to fully undersand Patrick and the relationship with the two brothers.  This causes some friction between Jilly and Caroline.  Jilly only knows the bad side of Patrick and Caroline is learning he isn't so bad after all.
Jilly's abilities are stronger than ever and she learns more of what she can do.  It makes the storyline that much more fun.  She is a bad ass to put it mildly and by far my favorite character.
Hannah's real father is revealed....finding out who it is....makes the story even more interesting.
We also find out who the main villain is behind this whole masterminded plan.  
Jessica captivates us and brings so much more to the second book.  It is magical, electrifying and leaves you wanting more.  The last chapter of the book impressed me beyond words.  I now cannot wait to see what Jessica has in store for Jilly, William and the rest of the cast.
I was already a fan of the witch realm, but Jessica brings so much fun and magic into these books, you are left breathless and in need of your next fix.

I give this book 5 NarlyNut Stars

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Knocked down & Getting back up

Out of the blue we get hit with things we do not expect.  From experience this has happened to me this year.  I let it knock me down the first day.  In a big way.  The second day it still had a good hold on me.  By the third day, I am realizing that it will still be there with me, but it will not paralyze me or hold me down.
I will get back on my feet.  I will strive to make this situation change for the better.  It will not go away immediately, things will not change over night.  But I know that I have the power to put negative energy in to this or positive.  I choose positive.  It makes me happier, it makes my family happy.  It changes the way I feel inside and out.
Positive thoughts and Postive energy make me a better woman.
I love the feeling of peace inside of my mind and my soul.  It is fulfilling and beautiful. 
Honestly we have been hit by a pretty hard loss the beginning of 2013.  I have heard of people losing their jobs, but never really thought it would happen to us.  Now that it has, I can relate to how devastating of a toll it takes on a your entire family.
We will persevere~We will be stronger~We will go forward!

Thank you for this rant.  I know this is a book page, but I intend from time to time to add a bit of my personal life too.  Otherwise you will never know the NarlyNut behind the blog.
Just know that if you have ever been through a tough situation~
Have a wonderful day friends and keep that positive energy.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mark of the Witch

Boston Witches (Volume 1)


Jessica Gibson


This is a story about Jillian Proctor.  She has the power of a good witch running through her veins.  Jilly embraces her witch ancestry from a very young age, while her twin sister Caroline wants nothing to do with it.

Jilly's path crosses with the handsome William Morgan.  He is an Amaranthine, meaning immortal.  Along with meeting William comes danger Jilly had no idea was coming.  It leads Jilly, Caroline, William and Jilly's best friend Emily down a devastating road of people from Williams past and other hidden dangers.

Caroline moves back home with Jilly after discovering her husband has been having an emotional affair with another woman.  It turns out, coming home may be the best decision Caroline has made in a while.  Caroline finally grabs hold of her own powers and Jilly trains her to become what she has had within her all along.  Together these sisters will unite, learn and fight for the ones they love.

 ~My Review~

I loved this book!  I have always had a fascination with the witch realm.  The grimoire, cauldron's, spells, potions and the magic of it all is intriguing to me.  Not to mention I was a big fan of Charmed. Yes, it was a guilty pleasure of mine. This book reminds me of it all in a big~awesome way.

The story moves along fairly quickly, but that didn't bother me one bit.  Jessica had me turning the pages at a fast pace.  The love story between William and Jilly makes it that more enchanting.....

I can't wait for they're relationship to move along in book two.  I started book two last night and I can't wait to see what Jessica has continued to do with this story line.

It was a magical~spellbinding and charming well written book.

~I give it 5 Narly Nut Stars~


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"The Original Sin"
J.L. McCoy

Skye Morrison's life lately has been anything but ordinary. Attempting to pull together the pieces of her life that have been ripped to shreds after being kidnapped and tortured by Amun- who happens to be the father of all vampires-her dreams are haunted by memories of those recent fateful and horrific events. Skye struggles with her split feelings and the raw sexual tension with her lover, Jameson Doyle and boss Archer Rhys-the continuous object of her sexual fantasies. Residing at Archer's lakeside mansion with the rest of the vampire clan, Skye attempts to maintain a normal routine. With the vampire army, The Faithful, attempting unsuccessfully to capture Amun, her nightmares take her down a twisted spiral of entrapment and terror, taking its toll on her daily life. Haunted and hunted by the psychotic and mind-twisting Amun, Skye goes through dark and violent changes, revealing a side of herself she didn't know existed and ultimately leading to a shocking conclusion. With a climax that will leave you breathless and wanting more, don't miss the third chapter in the life of Skye Morrison. 

~My Review~

J.L. McCoy has done it again!  She goes above and beyond my highest expectations.  I think to myself when an author writes a series of books, "How can this author come up with more prerequisites, creativity, artistry and vision?" 
Yet she does it again...and again....
In this third installment of "The Skye Morrison Vampire Series," J.L. McCoy takes us on a continued ride of intense, enthralling, page turning fascination.

Skye Morrison is still living with her boss Archer Rhys.  He wants to keep her safe from Amun, (the father of all vampires). Amun held Skye captive and tortured her something fierce in "Sins of the Father."  In this book Amun is back in a remarkable way.  He comes to Skye in her dreams....Question is.....Is Amun really communicating with her through her dreams or not? 

There are so many revelations that I refuse to give up in my review.  If you are big fan like I am...then you know why.

I could give you more but it will just ruin the profound and brilliant story line that Mrs. McCoy has once again pulled out of her imaginative mind.
I am beyond impressed with the ending.  She leaves me breathless and wanting more.   Spring cannot come fast enough for my Skye Morrison Vampire Series fix.
J.L. McCoy
*I give this book 5 NarlyNut Stars*