Monday, January 14, 2013

Mark of the Witch

Boston Witches (Volume 1)


Jessica Gibson


This is a story about Jillian Proctor.  She has the power of a good witch running through her veins.  Jilly embraces her witch ancestry from a very young age, while her twin sister Caroline wants nothing to do with it.

Jilly's path crosses with the handsome William Morgan.  He is an Amaranthine, meaning immortal.  Along with meeting William comes danger Jilly had no idea was coming.  It leads Jilly, Caroline, William and Jilly's best friend Emily down a devastating road of people from Williams past and other hidden dangers.

Caroline moves back home with Jilly after discovering her husband has been having an emotional affair with another woman.  It turns out, coming home may be the best decision Caroline has made in a while.  Caroline finally grabs hold of her own powers and Jilly trains her to become what she has had within her all along.  Together these sisters will unite, learn and fight for the ones they love.

 ~My Review~

I loved this book!  I have always had a fascination with the witch realm.  The grimoire, cauldron's, spells, potions and the magic of it all is intriguing to me.  Not to mention I was a big fan of Charmed. Yes, it was a guilty pleasure of mine. This book reminds me of it all in a big~awesome way.

The story moves along fairly quickly, but that didn't bother me one bit.  Jessica had me turning the pages at a fast pace.  The love story between William and Jilly makes it that more enchanting.....

I can't wait for they're relationship to move along in book two.  I started book two last night and I can't wait to see what Jessica has continued to do with this story line.

It was a magical~spellbinding and charming well written book.

~I give it 5 Narly Nut Stars~


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