Policy Review~Author Letter

Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming by.
First of all I would love for you to know that my passion for books and the respect for authors has led me to this great thing called "REVIEWS."
I do this for authors that are looking to get their books out there. 
I will read, promote and if an author is interested, I also feature what is called the "LIMELIGHT AUTHOR."  I will feature YOU!  Your book, your bio, and if you choose to do so, a giveaway. Usually I promote an author for a week.  I will read the book before any of this takes place.  Giveaways are made possible by you the author.  Your book swag.  Posters, stickers, bookmarks, a signed book, etc.....anything you choose to donate makes it fun and more entertaining for the fans.
Remember; a giveaway does not have to happen.
I am more than happy to read and review only!
I will give you my honest opinion. I also base my reviewing on a rating system.  Never a hurtful, or rude review.  It is just not my style.
Genres I love to read include: Romance~Erotica~YA~Paranormal~Almost anything Fiction~I love a good Mystery and Thriller. I am particularly fond of Fantasy and Romance. Erotica also, but it has to be a good one.;)  So if you are an author of Fantasy, Romance or a good Erotica book, I am your woman!
Beyond that your book has to really interest me.  Reading should be about the fun, the magic and what entices us the most.  The thrill of the ride of a well written book.  Thank you for understanding. I want the book to take me in and not let me out at my own free will!  ;)

Your review will be posted on my facebook page, Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If there are other places you would like it to be published, then that is something you and I will discuss.:)
~Note to Authors~
I now am accepting ebooks, paperbacks and all other forms of reading materials for review.
It is up to the author to let me know if you are in a hurry for a review.  It is my right to accept or decline.  If I am backed up, it is my duty as the reviewer to let you know of a time frame as to when we may get together and try it again.
Most authors are finding me on my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/narlynut
 I would appreciate it if you would like my page and also stop by my blog to show support. www.http://narlynut.blogspot.com/ 
Of course this is not a must, but I really hope you will.
I do have one last request. 
I ask that we communicate through my email and not my facebook page.
Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you.
Natalie Idrogo~aka~NarlyNut;) 


  1. So you don't accept ebook copies for review? I'm also wondering why not?

  2. I apologize for not changing this and the change will be made later today. I now accept ebook copies.:)

  3. At the time, I had NO kindle. Now I do.