Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Year

Well a New Year is upon us.  I am excited for change.  I want change in many areas of my life. 
One would be health.  Two would be to lose weight, which comes with health.  Three, well I am setting a goal for reading and reviewing and of course blogging.

 My love for reading and reviewing has escalated beyond my wildest imagination.  I knew I loved to read, but starting my book page was on a whim.  I went from starting a book page called "50 Shades of Books" to "NarlyNut's Book Lovers."  It just seemed more like me.  I wanted all of me involved and I do believe the name speaks volumes. 

I am going to set a goal for reading.  Not sure how many I will set for one year, but it will be my biggest ever.
Reviewing?  I am just going to go with it and review for authors that ask for a review.  It never gets old helping an amazing author out.

The last six months I have gotten the hang of my book page.  Pretty easy.   Reviewing I am loving it and pretty much go with what I feel about the book.  I am enjoying the books, the reading and the reviewing process.  It just brings me joy to no end. 

On to the blogging part of it all.  Well I am not so good at staying on top of it on a daily basis.  I also tend to stress my self out wondering if I will bore you guys to death. LOL.  Seems rational in a Narly kind of way.
I have come to realize that is o k.   This is a time for me to learn about blogging and to learn about myself, so I am hoping that the 23 of you that I am taking on the beginning of this journey hang in there with me.  That is all I ask. 
With all of this said....lets make a change individually and together.

Here is to 2013 and change....;)


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love's True Second Chance

Love's True Second Chance
Jeff Dawson
What ever happened to your first love?  How did their lives turn out?  Do they ever think about the wonderful times we spent together?  Those care-free days when the only thing that really mattered was walking hand in hand on long walks or hanging out with friends at the arcade.  Do they remember the first date and the first kiss?  Do they still remember us and what would happen if we w ever saw each other again?  Would the old feelings of the past be reignited, or would it be a simple hello, how have you been and we part paths again?
I always wondered how her life had turned out.  Through the years a business card would be left in a mailbox with no return call, letter or email.  I guess the memories would be just that, memories.  But in December of 2008, it was worth one more shot.  One more attempt to make contact with the one girl whose memory remained strong.  The one girl, who no matter how far I traveled or how hard I tried to suppress the memories of the past, they were always lying under the surface waiting to reawaken.  One more time, one more attempt, just one more try, and if nothing happens, let her memories fade, never to surface again.
It has been two weeks since the card was dropped off.  Well, I gave it my best shot.  I tried one more time and since there has been no contact, her memory is starting to fade.  I take our prom picture out of my wallet and place it in a small box with all of the remaining reminders of our love from so long ago.  The phone rings.  Must be someone with more bad news about why they can't deliver the materials ordered.  "This is Jeff"(what do you want!),  "This is Debbie."  My response was cold and quick, "And?"   A very long pause, ""  I slowly remove both feet from my mouth.  It is her!  The long lost connection has been made.  Now what?
Join us for the most intense seven month "true love" one could ever have dreamed.  Travel back to high school when life was so easy, so care-free and the word worry didn't exist.  The chance meetings at college that at times were better forgotten.  To present day when we are both trying to figure out if the feelings from the past should remain in the past or is there still something there; unfinished business.  There is plenty of time to figure it all out, or is there?

~My Review~
This book is based upon Jeff's real life story of himself and his one true love, Debbie.
Debbie is dating Jeff's friend Clay while Jeff is dating Betsy.  The connection with Jeff and Betsy just isn't there and Clay and Debbie's courtship fades when Clay's new car puts Debbie in the back seat, so to speak.Debbie is very interested in Jeff, but Jeff tends to not see this so clearly at first.  Jeff realizes Debbie is into him and they begin dating.
It is a fun, beautiful, every chance spent together kind of courtship.  They can't seem to get enough of each other.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  Jeff heads to college after graduation.  Jeff and Debbie try to make it work, but it proves to be too much for Debbie.  They part ways and life goes on for them.  They both marry and have children of their own.  Little do they know, each marriage has come to an end.
Every ten years Jeff would drop off a business card in Debbie's parents mailbox hoping to reconnect with Debbie.
One day in mid December Jeff receives a call at work.  It is Debbie.........
Book lovers~I refuse to spoil the rest of this beautiful love story.  It is a riveting, delicate lamentable ride.
Jeff takes us on his journey of reuniting with his "One True Love."  He takes us to a place of the joys of love.  He teaches us that the little things should not be taken for granted.
While reading this I knew there were moments to where I would be left in tears, there were also moments that Jeff made me laugh.  Jeff has a truly humorous side that you can't help but love.  Jeff is quite the character.  Very fun and a wonderful man to have on your side.  
There are parts of this story that make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you breathless......
This is a must read book lovers and I give it 5 NarlyNut stars!