Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Year

Well a New Year is upon us.  I am excited for change.  I want change in many areas of my life. 
One would be health.  Two would be to lose weight, which comes with health.  Three, well I am setting a goal for reading and reviewing and of course blogging.

 My love for reading and reviewing has escalated beyond my wildest imagination.  I knew I loved to read, but starting my book page was on a whim.  I went from starting a book page called "50 Shades of Books" to "NarlyNut's Book Lovers."  It just seemed more like me.  I wanted all of me involved and I do believe the name speaks volumes. 

I am going to set a goal for reading.  Not sure how many I will set for one year, but it will be my biggest ever.
Reviewing?  I am just going to go with it and review for authors that ask for a review.  It never gets old helping an amazing author out.

The last six months I have gotten the hang of my book page.  Pretty easy.   Reviewing I am loving it and pretty much go with what I feel about the book.  I am enjoying the books, the reading and the reviewing process.  It just brings me joy to no end. 

On to the blogging part of it all.  Well I am not so good at staying on top of it on a daily basis.  I also tend to stress my self out wondering if I will bore you guys to death. LOL.  Seems rational in a Narly kind of way.
I have come to realize that is o k.   This is a time for me to learn about blogging and to learn about myself, so I am hoping that the 23 of you that I am taking on the beginning of this journey hang in there with me.  That is all I ask. 
With all of this said....lets make a change individually and together.

Here is to 2013 and change....;)



  1. I love this post. What a great way to start out the year with goals and honesty. I'm sticking with you.

  2. 2013 here she comes and she is amazing!! I know you can do it!! You rock!!

  3. With amazing people like you that have come in to my life for a reason? YES I CAN!
    On my own I have drive, ideas and lots of creativity busting at the seams.
    Thank you SS for being so inspiring and beautiful, inside and out! XOXO
    New Year~New Dreams~New Friendships=ONE AMAZING YEAR!! ;)♥

  4. I love it!! You so inspire me!! <3 <3