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**New Review**


*****Please be advised: Revelation of Blood (SMVS, #5) is intended for mature adults and may not be suitable for all readers. This book contains strong language and sexual situations that some might find objectionable.*****


After nearly dying in the battle with the monster Amun, newborn vampire Skye Morrison is more than ready to begin a peaceful life with mate Archer Rhys and their family. Burdened with guilt by her unresolved relationship with Jameson, Skye tries desperately to mend what was broken and regain their friendship while in Boston for her Sacred Vow Ceremony. A man from Skye's past comes forward and, as the missing pieces are revealed, will she finally feel complete or is she being set up for more heartbreak? With Skye consumed by the changes in her personal life, a surprising new enemy emerges to take control . Will the unlikely union of her vampire family and werewolf friends be enough to defeat this new threat? Find out in Revelation of Blood (Skye Morrison Vampire Series, #5) by author J.L. McCoy. Approximately 94,500 words *****Please be advised: Revelation of Blood (SMVS, #5) is intended for mature adults and may not be suitable for all readers. This book contains strong language and sexual situations that some might find objectionable.*****


I anxiously anticipated this book in more ways than one....
In this fifth book Sky is FINALLY a VAMPIRE!! How about a double "YES!!"
This brings Archer and Skye to Boston for the sacred vow ceremony. Where Skye becomes a member of the day walkers.

After Skye Morrison defeated the treacherous Amun, she has become a bit of a phenomenon among the fellow vampire community. All greeting her with honor and respect.
With that done Archer and Skye plan on getting on with their forever. The love that has been building between these two is hot, sensual and sexy as hell!
The love scenes leave you gasping for air and looking for the closest cold shower.

Of course the ever so sweet and handsome Jameson is heart broken and deals with this through his music. Skye and Jameson will get down to the bottom of this touchy situation in this book.
ALSO, Dean fans!! In this book J.L. McCoy gives us the pleasure of being graced with Dean's presence even more. Dean goes above and beyond the call of duty! If you are a werewolf fan you will love how Dean and his wolves are needed.

Turning Skye into a vampire was the best move yet. I am so utterly jealous of her getting Archer all to herself!!
He can sink his fangs into me any time!!

My take on this series and J.L. McCoy is that of fascination, adoration and respect. I love authors to whom of which grow with each book they write. Writers who evolve with their characters, live and breathe the characters and all the while are transforming this series in to a continual ache we long for.
She has done this with this series and has made me a die hard J.L. Junkie!!

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Bare Assets book blurb:

With nothing but shattered dreams and a busted heart to fuel the way, Angela Fletcher drove out of Arkansas and never looked back.

Six years later, the new and improved version of the girl she used to be steered clear of romance, love and late night promises. The only pillow talk Angela engaged in these days, was making sure the person on the other pillow knew to lose her number as soon as he left the bed. She only had room for one love in her life and that was Bare Assets, the gentleman's club she poured her heart and soul into.

Dean Murray was the devil in disguise and had left behind enough broken hearted women to populate a small country. Angela would know. She was an expert markswoman who was skillfully self-trained at shooting down the good, the bad and the ugly of all masculine targets. After all, as the owner of the most successful strip club in Dallas, Texas, it was her business to know men.

Just as she begins to fall for Dean's silky words and passionate ways, her past and present unexpectedly collide and a meticulously planned future turns into unpredictable chaos. Is the smooth talking, denim wearing devil responsible for the chaos? Or have the secrets she left buried in Arkansas, coming back to haunt her?

Author Bio:

I'm always clicking away at the keyboard, but when I'm not, my family, two dogs, and a very peculiar cat keep me on my toes! There's never a boring moment at my desk!

Besides my obvious love for coffee and all things caffeinated, I love to travel. The occasional tourist stop is fun, but I'm a back road kind of gal. Take me off the beaten path. I want to meet the ordinary people behind the culture.

My crazy family includes a husband, four kids, two grandbabies, two dogs and a cat. That's right. Life is totally insane, and so I write.

Speaking of writing, I've been spinning stories around the campfire since I can remember. Poetry was second nature and as a teen and young adult, short stories were constantly being penned. I'm an avid reader who loves almost all genres. Let's face it! A good read is a good read, regardless of whether it takes place in the future, the present, the past or with ghosts.

Excerpt 1

The small town girl from Arkansas had worked her ass off to turn Bare Assets into the five star rated gentlemen's club it currently was. It had taken an Olympic sized swimming pool full of sweat and tears, along with countless hours and sleepless nights, but she never had to worry about losing her job or pissing off the boss man. Angela Fletcher was the boss man…or boss lady if you will. Scratch that. She was not a lady. She was a certified, hard-nosed bitch, but that's what it took to make it in an industry saturated with chauvinistic pricks.

Excerpt 2:

This guy might have snared the title of first runner up for the throne of prickish and dickish, but he was the reigning tyrant over the land of fine assed, denim wearing devils. Six years ago, she might have been giddy to be in the presence of such a fine creation, but knowing what she knew, his visits only irritated the piss out of her.

Excerpt 3:

Death from carnal pleasures would be one hell of a way to go. ~ Angela

Excerpt 4:

Changing the subject before it became too serious, Angie opened the bedroom door and glanced over her shoulder. "I don't know about you, but I haven't had a single thing to eat all day. If I don't get something soon, I'm going to eat the wood off this door."

Grinning from ear to ear, he had to say it, "I have something to appease your appetite, but I'm afraid the door doesn't play into my lust filled scenario."

Laughing, she tightened the rope on her robe and wittily responded, "I would love to take part in your version of a meal, but I'm afraid I need to rely on the basic food groups for now."

"And why is that?" he asked, joining her at the door.

"Something tells me that once I truly get a taste of you, I may never want to leave this room again.