About Me

Welcome to my blog I am so thrilled to have you here.~~
I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids.  Two of them pretty much grown.  My daughter Samantha is out of high school and following her dreams.  My son Zachary is a Senior this year.  I also have a soon to be 15 year old Binky and a 4 year old Na' Tali, to whom of which keeps me on my toes everyday.
They are the loves of my life.  
Another love of my life and best friend is my husband Gibby.  His support and love for our family is beyond what words can describe.  We have been married for 20 years and I am so proud of that. 
 We reside in a small town in Northern California.  Although it is small, it is a great place to have a family and raise my kids.  I am a fun~quirky kind of a mom and I happen to be very spontaneous and nutty at times.  In a good way of course. I just love to look at the positive and focus on that with a lot of laughs involved. I didn't get the nick name Narly Nut for nothing.:)
I am so happy to be doing what I love.  Books have been a passion of mine since I was in grade school.
There is nothing like getting a fresh new book in the mail and knowing it will be my next read and review.  Then to add it to my library of books? WOW!  What a thrill that gives me. LOL!
One thing I would like you to know about me is that I will give you an honest review.  A heart felt review. When I put my reviews out there, they will be done with pride and truth.  I don't do a review without putting all that I have into it.  I am not a one or two sentence kind of a woman! Just ask my hubby~;)
You will get my exact thoughts on the book, a  rating and lots of love.  Well of course if your book is deserving of that love.  No matter what to me, all books are worth a read and some of us see things in books that others DO NOT!  That is why it is important to me that I do your book justice.
Thank you for choosing NarlyNut's Book Lovers for your read and review.
This is an exciting journey for me and one I have been waiting for my whole life.  Someday I hope to become an author.  A woman can dream and dream big I will.


  1. Good for you!! Excited to watch your journey ;)

  2. I loved reading about YOU for a change! You are such a dear sweet girl and you have been so kind to me. You are a great writer yourself and a wonderful person. I am glad our paths have crossed! You ROCK Natalie (Miss Narly)

  3. I loved being able to read about YOU for a change. You have been so kind to me and I just adore you. You are a great writer yourself and I can tell you have a big heart! It has been such a pleasure that our paths have crossed. I think you are a doll!
    You Rock Natalie (Miss Narly)

  4. You have a sweet story. I feel silly for not reading it sooner. I'm glad you're getting to do what you love.