Saturday, September 22, 2012


It is amazing to me that I am even trying this thing called a blog.  No digs intended.  I am loving it.
Just amazes me how one minute I am making a facebook page about books and the next I am making a blog and doing book reviews.
Finally doing something I really, really enjoy! 
Meeting new people, making new friends, reading and reviewing books for authors.  My dream job, although it is just my dream hobby.
The perks make it all worth it.  The people make it unbelievably magical.~
I love this little world of mine and I enjoy getting up every morning to come and greet and meet and be here for YOU!
I will learn, blog to my hearts desire.  Enjoy my facebook page and the fans that support me everyday.
I am living a in a magical world of books and loving every second of it.

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