Friday, April 12, 2013

****NEW REVIEW****


Paranormal Anthology With A Twist
Edited And Compiled By Cynthia Shepp & Rene Folsom

*Voices of the Soul by Rene Folsom*

Ella has a very special gift. Her mother is on her death bed and needs to tell Ella of this special gift before it is too late.
Ella has heard voices through out her life, but never really knew what was taking place in her mind.

Six years after her mothers death, Ella sits in her art class distratced.......until he walks in.......Jonah Chantrey that is.

Suddenly Ella's thoughts are running rapid for this sexy hunk. He responds without saying a word aloud.

Can it be that Ella and Jonah have the same gift?

Yes they discover they are both Soul Seers.

They spend the next couple of hours walking, talking and grabbing a bite to eat. Comparing their soul seeing abilities with one another.

An instant connection is formed and Ella and Jonah make fast plans for a date.

Jonah takes Ella to a stable for a beautiful night ride on two gorgeous horses. They end up at a lake with the moons reflection bouncing off of the rippling water.

Here Ella and Jonah experiment with their soul seeing capabilites and this is where it goes beyond what we expect.........I am not a reviewer to whom of which gives the best parts away.

What happens next will leave you in shock and awe of Rene's writing talents.

Rene's imagination takes us on a captivating~mind blowing~soul shattering journey.

The love and elements of surprise will leave you breathless.

*Number 18 by Michael Loring*

Twenty seven year old Robert preyed upon women for his own sexual satisfaction. Seventeen of them so far. His prey tonight would be a woman he sees at a carnival with her boyfriend. He over
hears them talking about their camp site in the woods. The woman needs to use the restroom and her boyfriend goes to the camp to wait for her. Robert follows the woman and attacks! Will he be the predator? Or will he become the prey?
I thought this story was very intriguing. The twist I knew was there, but had no idea the direction it would go in.
I loved it Michael!
What a major unexpected thrill!

*Sweet Lenora by Bart Hopkins*

Lenora leads a very protected life. Her mother makes sure of it. Question is....why?
In Lenora's eyes her mother is an invalid that needs caring for and never leaves her room. Her mother doesn't allow her to listen to music or much else of anything. She gives Lenora long 30 minute talks of how evil and poisonous the world is.
One day Lenora decides she will make some of her own decisions and starts a friendship with Charlie Swain......her mother is not happy and goes to great lengths to have things her way.
From here on out Bart's twist gets as good as it gets.
Read on book lovers. Bart Hopkins through me for an unexpected loop.

*Truth of Dare by Jon Messenger*

Four friends around, having drinks and playing truth or dare. Could be fun or a recipe for disaster. Jake, Jill, Brent and Whitney play around with their truths and dares. Most of the dares are not followed through. Then Brent boldly dares Jill to spend the night in the local cemetery.
She takes the dare. Once there, creepy things start happening. NO! I am not telling you what these things are.
Bottom line? I surely didn't see this twist ahead. Pay attention book lovers....I bet you won't either!;)

*Suburban Zombie by Anthony Lance*

This is definitely not your every day, typical kind of zombie story. First time ever....but I will not be revealing anything about it. Why you ask?
It needs to be read by the reader in order to fully appreciate the humor. Anthony had me laughing out loud and enjoying every word of his imagination.
Kudos to you Anthony Lance. What a unique read with some very gory and laughable details.

*All I Want For Christmas by Jason Brant*

In this short story Jason graces us with the presence of a thirteen year old girl who writes in her diary about her trials and tribulations of life in general, her parents not giving in to her wants and the crush she has on a boy named Stevie.
It was so brilliantly written that Jason Brant had me believing he actually had been a thirteen year old girl at one time. LOL! Yes, his imagination was that damn good!!
He added a definite creepiness to it and humor all at the same time. I will never know how he does it...but he does it well.;)

*In the Eyes of the Beholder by Penelope Bartotto*

Dominic is a truck driver to whom of which has eyes for one woman and one woman only. Her name is Rose. To Dominic, Rose can do no wrong. He knows nothing of Rose's intentions.
Unfortunately....Rose has more up her sleeve than what meets the eye. Rose believes that men are to do for women, give them all they want and make them happy. She is purely out for her own selfish needs. You will soon learn her game and she will soon learn that her own game can some times come back to haunt her.

Penelope added a bit of crazy and deeply strange weirdness, leaving us with a mind boggling bewilderment!

*Little Tchotchkes by Nicki Scalise*

Marcus Keary has it all together. He is a vampire and is used to getting his meals off of young gothic girls.
One day he meets Jules. They become fast friends after she forgot her wallet and he offers to pay for her coffee.
Marcus waits....and waits.... and waits to make his move. Will he get it? Or does Jules know something he doesn't?
The twists just get better and better book lovers. Wait until you see what Nicki did with this one!
It is true what they say....sometimes things just aren't what they seem.

*I Am Serna by Magen McMinimy*

Damon is sent to protect Ariel a white witch. Serna the dark witch knows in a few years Ariel's powers will be a deadly match against Serna. Damon does as told and finds Ariel. He has no idea what he is up against.
This story was very short and had a pretty great twist. I surely didn't see it coming.

*Bloodlines by S.L. Dearing*

General Heinrich Muller has one goal in mind. That is to find Sascha and Eduard Engel.
After their mama is taken by the Generals soldiers, they are found by the butcher, put on a train and sent to a man they know nothing about.
This man is Patrice Ambroise. The children soon learn who he is and gain the knowledge of a gift they both have.
Patrice gives them an insight in to their history and wants to protect them at any cost.

S.L. Dearing brings so many surprises to this short twist. She added just the right components of intrigue and beauty.
The twist left me wanting more of a full length story. YES! It was that good!

*Metronome by Eaton Thomas Palmer*

Mathew is a serial killer that has been a put in the wing of a maximum security prison. Mathew at one time would prey upon his victims as if he was a spider. He even made a dagger that resembled a spiders fangs, dipped it in poison and then kill.
Mathew however, becomes the prey in his cell. He is tortured in his cell. If he doesn't listen to the clock and do as told he will die. Dr. Edgar Collins is in disbelief over this bogus Mathew is feeding him.
They come to the conclusion that they need to remove the clock. What happens next is an insane twist. If you like psychological thrillers, then this is a short read for you.

***In my opinion these are a bunch of very diverse, unique, fun and a little freaky short stories, which I enjoyed, LOL! What Cynthia Shepp brings to these authors is a challenge and a fun one at that.
Rene Folsom has the talent of bringing the covers to life. They both amaze me and I am forever a fan of both of these wonderful ladies.***


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