Friday, July 5, 2013


Blood Of The Soul~#4
Rene Folsom

**Contains Spoilers**


Ella was certain that Jonah was only in love with who he thought she was... an image that reflected his desires... the girl of his dreams. The first time a man says those words to her, she wants it to be because he knows the REAL Ella—not some imaginary girl he dreamed of.

It doesn't take long for Ella to realize there is more than just a simple connection between them—a chemistry so deep, it makes them both question the true meaning of soul mates as well as the motives of those they love.

With each pulse of blood flowing beneath her skin and each breath drawing from her lips, Ella continues on her journey to know Jonah, which begins to reveal secrets that will ultimately affect their future.

~My Review~
In book 4, we are ever so lucky to watch the connection grow between Jonah and Ella.  More time is spent with one another and feelings deepen.

Jonah and Ella have come to the realization, now is not the time to let their hormones get the best of them.  The only problem is, they are having a hard time keeping their hands off one another.
Mrs. Folsom graces us with quite a few steamy~close encounters, that leave you breathless.

After a night of helping Jonah work on his project for the nature museum, Jonah takes Ella home for some much needed sleep.  Ella falls into the deepest and darkest dream ever!
As time goes on in each book, something new develops.  The fact that Jonah and Ella's heart beat as one is HUGE!  As Ella explains her dream to Jonah, he feels every single pain she felt.  It physically takes him over.

Jonah and Ella piece together each puzzle piece to figure out exactly what is going on with them.  Rene stunned me with the most fascinating blow yet!
I keep saying it gets better?  It really does!!!

I have already given too much away....but this book lover is hooked, intrigued and ready for more!!

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