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 Kale, the youngest of the elite Light Fae Warriors chosen to protect the Human World from the dark creatures that lurk in the shadows, has had a life that’s been hard fought and racked with betrayal, loss and heartache. Finding comfort in the physical manifestation of pain, Kale has discarded what is expected of Rowan’s Warriors, and now lives for the harder side of human life with his trusty bottle of Patron, hiding from the scars of his past.

Katarina knew the day Darion imprisoned her that the life she’d once longed for was gone. The illusion that a Light Fae could ever love a woman of the Dark was over. Yet, while building a new life among the humans, Katarina’s past is thrust upon her when the Warriors call on her to help in finding an elusive Fae, who is leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Katarina is then forced to follow the orders of the very Fae who betrayed her.

As secrets and lies unravel around them, Kat and Kale find that their past was never what it seemed, and that discovering what is true will be the most difficult battle of their lives.

“The truth, Kale… The truth would be the best place to start.”
“You and I must have a differing view of the truth in this situation, because in no way would the truth as I know it make you any less guilty.”



In book 2 of The Immortal Heart Series Magen Mcminimy gives us Kale's story. Oh how I have been looking forward to this. We also learn of Katarina, the one Kale lost and loved so much.

Kale was led to believe for the last 15 years that Katarina died. Not only that, but Kale has always believed that she deceived him, set him up..... He is not alone.... Kat thinks the exact same thing.

Kale throws himself into a world of tattoos and his new best friend patron.
Kat has thrown herself into a world of hiding and getting by with her TROW, Jake.

Kale is thrown into a whirlwind of longing for answers when he feels the presence of a Succubus. Could it be Katarina? The love of his life?

Katarina, (Kitten) is what Kale called her. I will refer to her as Kat. She is a strong, fierce and a sexy Succubus. She is not one to cross and she will protect the ones she loves.

Kale and Kat will figure out the truth of what happened on the worst day of their lives. Did Kat really send that Pixie to set him up, to cross in to the Dark's land?

The passion, the fire, the love making that these two share is so seductive and sensuous. They literally get drunk on each others touch and had me loving every magic moment.

I have to mention that if you are a fan of this series, you will be so happy to know Bain and Izzy are around, which made me a very giddy girl. After all, who can really get enough of these FINE~SEXY sexy brothers!!

The deeper Magen takes us with the Fae, the Brownies, the Asrai the better! There are so many more that I was held captive by. I can so appreciate the descriptions of these creatures. I love being taken to a place that I have never been before. Magen takes me away, teaches me new things and leaves me falling in love with the surroundings and these intriguing characters.
I am so in love with this series and can't wait get my hands on Immortal Promise.

I give this book 5 NARLYNUT MOONS!

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