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Release date: November 26th 2013

Publisher: Indie Style Press
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Shadows follow you in the darkness of the night and the eerie sensation of being watched crawls up your spine. Your sanity pulls apart at the seams as the terrors stalk their victims, leaving you too frightened to turn off the light.

These twisted stories will leave you breathless, dreading the horrors lurking around the corner.

Seventeen authors. Seventeen tales of terror. Infinite nightmares. 

~The lovely and talented S.L. Dearing~

Although she grew up in Arizona, S. L. Dearing was born and raised in California and considers the Golden State her home. Shannon attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, studying biology, then moved to Los Angeles where she spent several years studying at Los Angeles City College’s renowned Television/ Film program. She learned the art of storytelling from her father when she was very young and has been writing since the tender age of five. As an author of many genres, she is always hoping to learn more by exploring the world of story. She has written her first novel The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles. She also has short stories in several anthologies: Apocalypse: An Anthology by Readers & Authors, Paranormal Anthology with a Twist and Stalkers: A Collection of Thriller Stories. Shannon currently resides in Los Angeles.


She put the phone back in her pocket and looked up as the light turned green. She stepped forward but was grabbed back as the Corolla sped past her, narrowly missing her.

You ok?”

Kaila nodded as she looked around to see a young man with short curly-blond hair holding her arm. She looked down at his hand.

Oh, sorry.” He let go of her arm. “He was coming really fast.”

Ah, no, thank you… I didn’t even see him.”

Yeah, Douche! He wasn’t even looking.”

Anyway, thank you.”

Craig… Craig Pierce. You go to State, don’t you?” He asked.

Yeah, you T.A. my Poly Sci class… Kaila… Kaila Montgomery.”

Oh, yeah, third row.”

He smiled and motioned for them to walk as the stop light sign began to flash. They continued to talk as they proceeded down the sidewalk, and Kaila blushed, putting her hair behind her ear. The figure behind the wheel of the Corolla watched and smiled, before driving in the opposite direction.

Guest Post:

Why do I write what I write?:

Hmmm, well, I guess sometimes it’s what is required. For instance this anthology asked us to do something about stalking, so I let my mind wander the dark passages of that concept and rested on the horror of being stalked and being in a stalkers mind. But right now I’m also writing short stories for several romance anthologies. So in that respect, I write what’s required lending my own spin to it and hoping that people like it.

My own work tends to be a mash-up of genres. I consider myself a storyteller and I think most great stories have a little bit of everything. I’m inspired by daily events, moments in history or even the possibilities of the future. I do tend to lean more towards paranormal, but I think that’s because I love the escape of a good book or story and I think that paranormal lends itself to that. I ultimately write to share my ideas of what I want to read and hopefully touch someone with my writing. It’s a powerful feeling to know that what you’ve written has profoundly affected someone else. I like it.

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