Monday, September 29, 2014

Saving Abel

Saving Abel (Rocker Series, #1)Saving Abel by Gina Whitney
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Every Woman Needs An Abel!!

Let's start off with Gia Mastro. She is beautiful, sexy and head strong as all get out! Her best friend Cindy helped her get a job at Gunner ESQ.
Her biggest hope and want is to run into Mr. Timothy Gunners sexy ass son, Abel. Gia has a bet going with Cindy that she will have NO problem getting Abel in to bed.

Now let me give you some insight into the sexy, scrumptious, lickable Abel Gunner. He is a rock god, an epic lover and has the most insanely lengthy, (use your imagination) rock hard body imaginable. What is hidden under that mans clothes is more than dessert.

Once Abel lays his eyes on Gia, he is interested beyond belief. He thought he wouldn't want to take on a new sub, he is so wrong and wants Gia so badly, it hurts.
All it takes is an invite to one of Abel's rock concerts. There is the biggest mutual attraction between these two and it gets hot fast.

The mind blowing sex and deep feelings that develop will leave you begging for more! Every woman needs an ABEL!

Of course there are obstacles and people in the way of this love succeeding.....
You will learn more of Gia's mom. Frankly I can't stand the woman and she makes me sick!!
Can Abel and Gia's relationship withstand the lies and deceit?

The end hurt me, stunned me, had me hanging and needing OH so much more! That is all I will say for now......;)

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