Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Temporary Life


Heroes are not born. They're made.

Malcolm Stewart's strength was forged during harsh childhood days~ugly days when he faced down schoolyard bullies and endured the neglect of a promiscuous mother. It is a strength that he ha
s wielded to defend himself and his friends.

Yet those years and traumas have taken their toll. Somewhere along the way, Malcolm Stewart lost his love of life.

That changes the day when beautiful, tempestuous Heather enters his world. He feels the stirrings of something long dormant. And when he learns of Heather's own abusive childhood~and the daughter that she was forced to leave behind~Malcolm knows one thing:

He mush help Heather get her little girl back.

~My Review~
If your looking for a great read with high energy, bravery and courage, then this book is for you.

Martin Crosbie takes us on a journey through Malcolm Stewart's life.
Readers get to know Malcolm as a young boy to whom of which is bullied along with his good friend, Hardly. These chapters in the book are sad and keep you turning the pages for more.

Malcolm's mom is not the mom Malcolm deserves at all!!
She is very selfish and worried about her own happiness.

Malcolm's dad is a wonderful man. He wants only the best for his future.
After Malcolm is not longer aloud in the school he was attending, his dad sends him back to Canada to live with Malcolm's mom's ex boyfriend, George.
You will get to know the most amazing characters that love Malcolm and help him throughout his life.

Malcolm meets Heather Postman. Little does he know there are secrets she is keeping from him.
Heather tells Malcolm she has a daughter that she desperately needs to find. She doesn't give Malcolm much to go on, but he trusts her and loves her and will help her in any way he can.
This leads to to the craziest ride of Malcolm's life and he will do anything to help Heather find Emily.

Martin Crosbie throws us into a world of adventure.
The abuse, the roller coaster of a ride that Malcolm is hurtled into blindsides him with a fury.

In my opinion Malcolm is a a strong willed, capable force to be reckoned with.
This book leave you with an overwhelming feeling of what Malcolm is, and that my friends.........IS A HERO!!

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