Monday, November 12, 2012

S.L. Dearing

"The Gathering"
S.L. Dearing
 Lia Fail means the great stone of destiny.
Just a tad bit of history for you before I give you my review.  To me this was an important thing to know.

S.L. Dearing has brought so many elements to this story line.  It is everything I love rolled into one.
Romance~Villains~Mythical Creatures~and of course Love.
In a post apocalyptic world this medieval fantasy brings other families together from different villages. This is known as "The Gathering."
Alia Stark is a headstrong queen of Lia Fail. She has 11 kids.  In this book you get to know them one by one.  They will captivate your heart.  You will take the journey along with them and their mother. Love will be found among many and villains are exposed.
Little do they know there is an evil force that desperately wants something from Alia.  A gift that Alia doesn't even know she has hidden within her.
Alia will discover the goddess that is waiting to be unleashed.

This book is a definite must read!  I can't say that enough. I was on my toes until the very end.  Turning page after page with the anticipation of what would happen next. I was rooting for the characters in this book and for they're fight and will to survive.
The last few chapters literally gave me chills.
I was beyond saddened that it came to and end.
Then I brought myself back to reality and realized that S.L. Dearing is working on book 2.
I cannot wait for it and you will feel the same way.      

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