Monday, November 26, 2012

Review of Treachery at Martinique Isle

Treachery at Martinique Isle
Rachel Cherie


In the mid 1600's, when King Charles I reigned England and pirates controlled the seas, twins separated at birth are reunited under dire circumstances in the sleepy town of Port de Couler de Bateaux, Port of Sinking Ships.  Jacqueline and Alexandria settle into the Midway Zebra inn with their new surrogate parents, innkeepers Jemima and Fred Bumbleridge.  Eight years later, the inn burns to the ground taking beloved Bumbleridges with it.  The twins are abandoned once more, but their guardians have left something to remember them by.  Two small bags of gold, two cloaks, two flintlocks, and two gold lockets.  A riddle is inscribed on each locket, finishing not only a tale of piracy but also opening a door to the girls' mysterious past.  Partnered with a thier, a butler, and a wannabe Viking, the two sail across the ocan in search of the answers.  Together the twins discover that not everyone is who the seem, and sometimes things take a turn for the worse especially when there is Treachery at Maritinque Isle.
My Review

Alexandria (Alex) and Jacqueline (Jacq) are twins.  They find this out after both of them have to say goodbye to the ones that love them.  Captain Taylor didn't want to leave Jacq, but has no choice. Madam Thorpe is sick and dies at the Midway Zebra inn leaving Alex alone.  Jacq and Alex are then put in the care of Fred and Jemima Bumbleridge owners of the inn.
The girls grow up at the inn until one day a fire breaks out.  The girls frantically look for Fred and Jemima.  They refuse to leave.   The girls are shocked and sad at this.  Then they see it and cannot believe their eyes.  A pirate yelling Black Fred and Gold Gem.  This scares the girls and they run for they're lives.
They then find Miata the town thief.  Alex and Jacq tell him what has happened and he offers to help them.
The girls were given matching gold lockets by Fred and Jemima. Inside each bag they find a compass, money, a letter, a gun, gun powder and bullets.  Among a few other items.  After exploring the contents of the bags the girls discover there are riddles inscribed on each locket.   They then realize they are on a hunt for a treasure.   Little do Alex and Jacq know on this big adventure they will discover enemies, find love and unravel the mystery before them.  Secrets will be revealed and family members united.

I have to say I was highly entertained by this fun and easy read.  I would recommend this book to book lovers of all ages. I give this book a 4 star rating.:)

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